Welcome to the digital home of Gestaltgeber, a project by Sascha Rehbock und Philipp Gérard. We are Philipp and Sascha, two devoted software developers with a passion for creating innovative and user-friendly applications for iOS and Mac platforms. Our belief is that technology has the power to simplify lives, and we are committed to providing digital solutions that are as functional as they are enjoyable to use.

Gestaltgeber's mission is simple and clear: we aim to create applications that make a difference. Our portfolio is focused on productivity tools designed to streamline daily tasks. Our primary objective is to enhance the experience of our users in the digital world.

The inception of Gestaltgeber is the result of our shared enthusiasm for technology and software development. We are not a large corporation, but rather two individuals with a profound interest in the digital world. This allows us to afford each project the meticulous attention and dedication it deserves.

Our combined expertise enables us to address a wide range of software development challenges. While we specialise in iOS and Mac applications, we are always eager to expand our horizons and embrace new technologies.

We invite you to connect with us. Whether you are interested in our work, have a concept for a new application, or simply wish to extend greetings, we welcome your correspondence.

Who we are